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Top Five Countries With Bad Housing System In The World (See The Number Nigeria Is)

When we say housing system, we mean the organization of housing matters in a geographical location.

These five countries top our list of locations in the world with bad housing system.

Our selection criteria include housing density, affordability, and health conduciveness.

Without further delay, join me on a ride far into the truth behind the curtain. kiss

1. Monaco

This is the country with the highest population density in the world about 25,718 people per sq. km.

A surprising fact is that 1 in 50 people living in this country is worth more than $30 million.

How then does this wealthy country get listed in our top5 countries with bad housing system?

The Financial Times published a news June 28, 2018, stating that young Monegasques can’t afford to buy or rent properties in the country.

The price of properties here is about three times the average for New York City in the United States.

2. Rwanda

Due to the low availability of land in Rwanda, many times, the government will have to clear a settlement for commercial project forcing the occupant to cheap housing estates.

Things must be really bad in here.

3. Hong Kong

That cannot be possible, might be your next line phrase, but hold on first?, i believe you would like to know why?.

The Asian country with the largest wealth gap was also lucky to make our list too.

Hong Kong is renown for its Cage Homes because most of its citizen cannot afford to buy house and land, and there is a low availability of land too.

4. Bangladesh

Most lands in Bangladesh is covered in rivers and lakes. It is predominantly a rural country with more than 70 percent of its citizen living around 80,000 villages.

Where did the remaining population live? In the 525 urban centers in the state! For people who might love living in an expensive village, Bangladesh is a good option.

5. Nigeria

The middle class could barely afford to rent and buy a house in Nigeria, not after deducting monthly expenses.

The few that could do are constantly faced with the problem of “Omo Onile” , these set of thugs claim commission on land purchased by citizens; lands are purchased twice ― from the landlord, then the thugs.


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