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Motivational Monday:- Your Grades In School Does Not Define You In Real Life

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Week to all, May the Week bless everyone of us abundantly 🙏

In case you are going through hard times in school or you are an Efiko, this is for you.

We are not advising you to become lazy or unserious in school. Give your Education your all but no matter what your grades are (Whether good or bad), just don’t let it defines who you are or who you want to become.


We’re conditioned to believe that the way we perform at school is the way we’ll perform in life, and that’s a wrong notion that has to be look into with immediate effect.

The truth is, no one’s opinion can define your future. Nobody’s thought about you is final.

Our Life is not defined by our grades in school. Never, If it’s so then the Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook won’t be sitting in that position.

HardworkDedication and Passion is what drives/pushes anyone to greatness. Those grades only defines you in the 4 corners of the Institution.


Our mental health is more important than our grades and so is our physical health. It’s not that our grades are not important, it’s just that they are not everything.

The truth is that we all have strength and weaknesses.

You will perform extremely well in some subjects while you struggle terribly with some. It’s allowed, just discover yourself.

👉 Follow your intuition

👉 Follow your heart

👉 Follow your passion

👉 Follow where that Natural momentum comes to you.

Listen, your grades don’t define how smart you are. Also, people’s opinions of you don’t define your future.

So Brethren, don’t let that bad grade in school makes you feel less of yourself, thinking you can’t make it again in life or make you see yourself as a failure.

Bro, Ji Masun!!!

Life is much more than the school grades, and what the future holds for everyone of us, the school grades alone can’t fight it all, perhaps your OT coupled with God’s favor can do.

Do have a wonderful new week.

Thank you!!!!

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