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How This Man Miraculously Survived After Shark Bit His Head (Photos)

A shark attack survivor has shared the terrifying moment a reef shark went for his head, leaving him permanently scarred. The graphic footage, taken on 20, August, was recorded by fellow ‘spear-fisherman’ Zach Shipps on his GoPro.

It shows the moment the large shark went in for a bite, as the men were fishing in the waters off the northern Bahamas. It was shared for the first time this week, by survivor Will Krause, 29, from South Carolina, who was celebrating his luckiest holiday season yet.

In a touching Facebook post Krause said: “This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful (more than ever) for God’s kindness & protection over our family.” “3 months ago (Aug 20, 2018), I survived a shark attack to the head while spearfishing in the Abacos.

I was 25 feet below the surface when the 6-7 ft Reef Shark struck the back of my head & neck.” “I miraculously escaped with several stitches, some gnarly scars, & a viral GoPro video (thanks to Zach Shipps & Stephen Murray).”

He suffered a concussion following the incident and was left needing stitches, a pretty remarkable feat considering how close he could have come to a fatal attack.

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