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Nigerians Are Frustrated With Millions Of Problems – Falz

Nigerian musician Falz has given his opinion on the current state of the country.

The Falz who made a controversial track ‘This Is Nigeria’ aired his views to Africa’s Finest magazine. He said the problems besetting the country has made a lot of Nigerians frustrated.

He said;“Everyone has a breaking point and I think Nigerians are getting to that point – we’re quite frustrated with the millions of problems we’ve been facing.

“So, now we want to see something different, we want to see a change which means that the perfect time to talk about it is now.”

Falz again decried the lack of youth interest in the real matters of politics, he mentioned that Nigerians need a change of mind.

“There is a serious need to eradicate apathy, especially with the youth. When you talk about politics, a lot of young folks could care less but I feel that if we all want to see that Nigeria that we dream of, the one with a bright future, then we can’t afford to have that sort of mindset.

“People usually steer clear of these topics because they’re quite sensitive issues and they want to be careful. However, I feel it is important to talk about them because if we don’t, we’re just going to keep sweeping the dirt under the carpet.

“We need to talk about these things in order to let the culprits know that there actions are unacceptable and that there are consequences.”

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