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[A MUST READ] The Alarming Rate At Which Ladies Are Being Used By Ritualists, They Will Use You

Hello Everyone,

This is a very interesting Article that describes how Nigerian ladies go about with Rich guys without any concern about their sources of income or what they do to make a living.


1. This Post is just for fun basically, but factual. Ignore the use of vulgar words and grammatical mis-balances, they are intentional. But make sure you grab the point.

2. Opinions expressed here are solely that of the Writer “Ayo Akano”

Read below 👇

If you like, keep shouting till tomorrow, the amount of ladies that will be used is more than the one that has been used already.

Maybe it is the reason females are increasing rapidly in number more than males. Stop blaming Yahoo boys, for every 10 female students, 8 of them have slept with at least 2/3 Yahoo boys without the guys toasting them.

I mean, they have their boyfriends, but at any sight of Yahoo boy, dem don cum. Why won’t they use You?

– Ask the lady beside you, tell her to swear if she truly loves the Yahoo guy she has dated or currently dating if not because of the money.

– Ask her if she would accept the guy’s advances if he was not a Yahoo boy?

Now, you will realize the amount of ladies that are still gonna land in trouble as Yahoo guys are always afraid to go broke. They would do anything to keep balling. Not all though but 98% of them can’t stand it.

Them don too ball for town, they can’t stand to be humiliated or call a former “Baller“.. May God help our female friends & family from these set of people 🙏


Our ladies will condemn Yahoo boys online but sleep with them offline. These guys have their own ladies they won’t use. But they know ladies who are after them for money.

Anything that concerns Yahoo doesn’t require any iota of Conscience even to those who don’t use Juju/Ladies. At least, you must lie to eat, so No conscience is needed if you really want to cash out.

So, the one who use Ladies don’t even have any second thought before using anybody. They can use their mama, so who u be?

You see a lady whose father is a farming forming for a boy who earns N100,000 legitimately because he doesn’t own a Benz, Take whatever thing that comes with dating a Rich young man these days.


They will keep using you all until you realize the beneath of the riches are filthy. No ritualists has ever forced a lady to come sleep with her, ladies are the ones that devaluate themselves in their presence.

By God’s grace:-

👉 If you are a lady, u have a guy in ur life, but sleeping with a supposed yahoo guy, they will use u.

👉 If you are a lady that generate interest in collecting thousand thousand from a guy without minding to know his source of income, they will use u.

👉 If u re a lady, and know someone is a ritualist, but it doesn’t concern u, u will b used.


If you like call me a yahoo boy or supporting illegality, e no concern me. Dem go use you.

The End

This Article was written by Ayo Akano a.k.a Akham Papa

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