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“Buhari Will Bring More Hardship If Reelected” – Bishop

An Osun state-based cleric, Bishop Seun Adeoye, has warned Nigerians against reelecting President Muhammadu Buhari of the APC in next month’s presidential poll.

According to him, reelecting Buhari will bring a “double portion of hardship.”

He urged voters to vote for candidates capable of developing the country.

Adeoye, who is the presiding Bishop of Sufficient Grace and Truth Ministry, Okinni, Osun State, in a statement on Friday said many people ignored his warnings against electing Buhari in 2015.

The statement reads:-

“A few days to the 2015 presidential election, I circulated a statement warning that if Buhari was elected as the president his government would bring hardship to Nigerians. Not many people listened to me. They were overwhelmed by the ‘change’ campaign. Buhari was elected and the rest is history.

“To further sound a note of warning, I held a one-man rally in Osogbo, where I emphatically declared that Buhari’s government did not bring change but ‘chain’. A few days after the protest, I was visited by six heavily armed men in police uniform.”

He added:-

“Even with all these, I still asked God, ‘will Nigerians be better if Buhari is reelected?’ What I heard worried me and if it happens, ‘Buhari’s reelection will bring a double portion of pains and hardship to Nigerians’ was the reply.

“Nigerians have several options before them and they are free to choose who will rule over them.”

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