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Davido Promises Hell On Man Who Scammed Him Of £10,000

Pop star Davido is currently issuing death threats on a man who allegedly duped him of his money in the UK.

Davido is still in London getting ready for his concert at the O2 Arena.

However, the ‘Fall’ crooner fell for a scam which made him lose £10,000. He shared the message on his instastory with a photo of his alleged scammer.

He also warned him that his goons are already trying to track him down and too placed a financial reward on whoever did the job.

“Ole Buruku!!! Thief!! All men are on you Bastard!! U fucked with the wrong one

“This nigga a fraud..Change your ways before men fall you. Bastard!!! 10K pounds a shit to me. Enjoy the money fuck boiii…Open

Anyone who finds him should collect the money and keep it’.”

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