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Use Of POS In The Church; Godly Or Ungodly?

POS – Point Of Sales Terminals are now common sights in churches now while some accept its a method of money collection that would ease individuals of giving cash for offering, others think it is sinful and a way to force people out of their money.

“The church I attend just dedicated a POS machine on Sunday. They said to mae tithe paying easier an also to ease the stress of looking for change every Sunday and for those who forget to even bring money to church. So all you have to do when you get to church is use your ATM card at the designated points, and collect your receipts! Its these receipts that you present at the alter as offering. 

Dear readers, what’s your take on this because I can saw the looks of bewilderment on the congregations faces when the announcement was made!”Churches should not concentrate on milking their congregation,giving should be free,no one forces anyone to use these machines,if you dont want to pay your tithe,keep it,the matter is between you and God.

Now the problem is what happens to people who do not have ATM cards and have only N5 to give GOD as offering??

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