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Meet “Queennerfatiti1” The Video Vixen Who Enjoy Posting Her Nude (See Some 18+ Photos)

Mehn, things are happening in this Country oooo 😂

Well, the last 24 hours has been hell for these 3 Top Video directors Clarance Peters, Unlimited LA and Paul Gambit after popular Lagos socialite Pretty Mike dropped a bombshell on his Instagram page exposing how they Sleep/Fvck Video vixens before they put them to appear in Music videos while claiming they are trying to help them.

Read the News here in case you missed it

After listing out the Video directors, Pretty Mike went further to list out the names of some Video vixens who fell prey into the hands of these Predators and the few ones he respected so much who are bold enough to reject the sex-laced offers from randy directors which is the category where this popular Video vixen “Queennerfatiti1” falls into.


Talking about Body Shaming in our today’s society, the pretty vixen shared some Raunchy photos on her Instagram page and even posted some Videos on her Instagram story.

This is too much if you ask me but who am I to question her decision? 😢

Check out some photos below:-

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