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See what Davido Posted About Osun State Governor, Oyetola (See Here)

This is seriously uncalled for.

Davido is taking this politics thing stupidly serious and too far. What he posted on his Instagram page today is definitely not something any reasonable person should do.

See the rubbish he posted below:-

We understand you are trying to support your Uncle but doing rubbish like this on Social media is just senseless and stupid.

How Davido is partaking in this Osun state politics stuff is gruesome and disrespectful.

Leave politics for politicians, all these people understand the game, they fight dirty publicly and rub each others back secretly and sometimes publicly, dem no get shame.

We just hope all this Davido‘s over involvement in political thingy doesn’t have a significant negative effect on his musical journey.

This is no longer support, this is stupidity! Even your uncle that is the opposing candidate didn’t come all out against them like you’ve done.

It’s high time, we all come together to give Our Beloved David a candid advise about this issue.


You all remember during the Presidential Election when he was fighting front and back for Atiku, canvassing people to vote for him. On Election day but he was in far away South Africa enjoying his life but asking us to risk our Life for Atiku.

Davido is definitely an Hypocrite – No doubt about that. If not for anything, Davido should know Oyetola is old enough to be his father and he deserves to be respected.

This will definitely have a negative effect on his career if he doesn’t stop.

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