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Lagos State Owing Pensioners Between 3-4 Years, Retirees Cry For Help

A Social Media user has explained how his neighbours suffer daily for bread after retirement and beg Gov. Sanwo Olu to do something about it.
He Said;
I usually want do this but it is becoming a burden that has to get off my chest as seeing my neighbors suffer daily for bread has become something I cannot sit back and watch.
My neighbor retired from the Lagos state civil service about 3 years ago and ever since then it has been hell and a struggle for them to feed or even pay school fees of their children. I inquired why they are having such challenged as their father was a civil servant and he should at least get his pension (f not lump sum, in quotes) and was told the Lagos state government for sone years have not paid pensions.
One of his mates who also retired around the same time got sick, got worse and died. The deceased’s wife also died in the ensuing troubles. I don’t want to lose my neighbor or his wife.
I don’t want his children (who I am friends with) to drop out of school or have to have the fear or not being able to afford tuition and hunger reduce how their performance. It is unfair to have people work for decades and when they should retire from the highest work they have some, they are denied the entitlement that will ease their life.
Please our senior citizens need help Lagos should not be owing these people.
Please help me post this. You can be saving a life

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